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27th Hedgework Talk: 

Despite volatility in recent weeks, cryptoassets have a major advantage: "Above all, they avoid the devaluation of money that classic central bank currencies show in the long term," says Michael Althof, portfolio manager at alternative investment fund manager Royalton Partners in the current Hedgework talk. In order to make cryptoassets investable for institutional investors, Althof and a team led by Professor Wolfgang Härdle from Humboldt University in Berlin have developed their own benchmark: "The Royalton CRIX is the only crypto index that is scientifically based and dynamically reflects the overall market," Härdle emphasizes. Royalton Partners, in coordination with regulators, plans to launch investment products that reflect the Royalton CRIX.  In the Hedgework Talk you will learn in detail:

- What reservations institutional investors (still) have about cryptoassets

- How cryptocurrencies, that stand for services, represent real value

- Why Humboldt Blockchain Research Center is interested in indices

- How exactly the Royalton CRIX Index tracks the overall cryptocurrency market

- Which investment products Royalton Partners is planning